Monday, 25 November 2013

Vintage Beauty

 It was a  beautiful Sunday afternoon in Melbourne and I was lucky enough to have a day off.
After hitting the markets I thought going to ACMI (Australian Center for the Moving Image) would be a great way to spend the afternoon.

It was finally hot enough to wear a skirt!

I got this from St Vinnie's in Perth a couple of years ago.
I have only just started really loving this skirt !
I wish I had the history of it like where it came from, how old it is and what fashionista used to wear before me but i don't.

It has since been shortened to make it more suited for my height which I now regret since the long skirt is having a come back. It is a perfect fit for my body. Since having a bit of a booty and being short, high waisted clothing can look really flattering on me.
I paired it with my crop jumper by Cameo the Label to give it that more modern edge.
The perfect casual but chic outfit.

Jumper by Cameo the Label from Pigeonhole
Skirt from St Vinnie's in Perth
Shoes from Ninewest
Necklace by Swarovski

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Master Chef Experience

For the month of October Master Chef had set up their pop up restaurant for food lovers to come dine and have the Master Chef experience. It showcased some of their top contestants from previous seasons and their signature dishes.
Four divine courses later I was more than satisfied. This was my first ever fine dining experience and I am hooked.
During diner I was able to catch with one of the past contestants from season 1 (Julia Jenkins)
It was interesting hearing her experiences whilst she was on the show and what she has accomplished after the show.

To match the amazing food was my amazing outfit.

Shirt by Finders Keepers the Label from Fashion Bunker
Skirt by Backstage the Label from Atlas Divine
Shoes by Oroton from Myer

 The massive kitchen.

First course: Master Chef garden salad

 Second course: Master Stock poached chicken, eggplant cream, white radish, soy & ginger. 

 Third course: Looked to good to wait. I kinda dug into it before picture was taken but it was a;
Baked Tasmanian Petuna Atlantic salmon, Snowy River sea herbs, scallop, zucchini & tomato.

 Fourth course: was the best course of the evening DESSERT.
I ate all of mine and half of my boyfriends.
"Strawberries & Cream" - whipped orange blossom creme fraiche & olive oil biscuits. (below picture)
Zokoko black forest cadeau with cherry Gelato Messina. (above picture)