Friday, 31 January 2014


 I always love and enjoy the little things in life and Sunflowers are one of them. Imagine my excitement when I discovered this Sunflower field in North Melbourne. It is the most random beauty that I have found within a city. I instantly knew that this was going to be my next location for a photo shoot. 

I recently purchased yet another Cameo item from their Paintbox collection, The Chilli Tank. I paired it with a beautiful 1950s styled skirt I got from Topshop. I love mixing the tough casual with a soft and girly, I find it to be a very complimentary clash (if that makes sense). I am also loving how the 1950s is starting to have a come back. The awesome "swing" skirts they used to party in have been a "must have" since I watched Grease as a kid.

What is you favorite era in fashion?
What are your thoughts with mixing tough with soft?

Cameo the Label "Chilli Tank" top from the Paintbox collection
Topshop Skirt
Tony Bianco Heels
Sportsgirl necklace & rings

Desmond Deng

Friday, 24 January 2014


 As you all may have noticed I am obsessed with Cameo!
Every time they release a new collection I am always surprised at how each one is better than the last.
Their new collection Imaginarium is no exception.
They have played around with beautiful pastel colours, flower prints and lace materials which makes this a fun and flirty collection perfect for summer. 
What I personal love about every piece of clothing they release is how the majority of them are all structured pieces. This makes the clothing look clean, crisp, elegant and strong. Also with my body being pear shaped I usually need to get them adjusted and the structured design make alterations become very simple.

Below are my top picks from the collection. Tell me what your favorites are?

You can view the whole collection here
Shop the collection here and here

All photo's are not my own.

Monday, 20 January 2014

White Shadows

I briefly showed this dress in my previous post A week in the life of a Melbournian Fashionista
but it is too beautiful for it to be only shown once.

When the editorial for White Shadows by Cameo came out I instantly knew I had to own this dress.
I love the sheer over lay which gives it that soft, romantic and elegant touch and the smoke pattern underneath gives it that little mysterious edge to it. It is a very stand out in the crowd dress, every time that I have worn I have gotten copious amounts of compliments. (Thank you Cameo for being AMAZING).

This dress is best for a warm summers day or night, as long as your somewhere where a lot of people are to appreciate the beauty of this dress is the best place to wear it. It is very comfortable to wear, and not too many accessories are needed. If you can find this dress anywhere online I suggest buy it right there on the spot!

Can be found here/here and here

Let It Go dress by Cameo the Label
Lovisa Head piece
Tony Bianco flat form sandals

Photographer: Mikel Magdadaro


Friday, 17 January 2014


 Every Fashionista should have a playsuit in her wardrobe!
For the summer it is an easy and comfortable outfit to be wearing during those scorching hot days.
My Saints & Secrets "Florabotanica" playsuit is amazing. It is comfortable, very easy to get in and out off and the print is B.E.A.utiful. I wore it for a Sunday Sesh and paired it with my Tony Bianco heels and it was the perfect outfit for that occasion.

What are you summer essentials for this Summer?

Saints & Secrets Florabotanica playsuit can be found here
Cat Hammill bracelets

Photographer: Mikel Magdadaro

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hunt No More

In the past couple of months I have been doing  DIY with my photography. I have finally made that baby step and found myself a photographer to do my photos and I am so happy. At the beginning of the shoot I was like an awkward fish but then I got more comfortable by the end of it. Check out his page

 I am wearing my new Liquid Lava skirt by Hunt no More and it was love at first sight. This skirt screamed at me "BUY ME". (it is one of my bargains from boxing day sales) and I just could not resist.
It is the perfect figure hugging skirt, with it's black paneling along the side which give the illusion of being slimmer but at the same time it really complements my curves. The lava print that they have used is very eye catching and different to look at which makes it a unique item in my wardrobe. I paired it with my Paint it Red spotted sheer top which clashes with the skirt but I think in a good way and Tony Bianco heels that ties the outfit all together. This is a great outfit to wear for lunch with the girls or a shopping day in the city.

Tell me what you think of the photos?

Wearing: Hunt no More skirt found here and here
Paint it Red sheer top
Pigeon Hole bracelet
Sportsgirl bracelet

Photographer: Mikel Magdadaro

Monday, 6 January 2014

My Top 3 Travel Destinations

As a child I traveled a lot with my family. I have lived throughout Europe and all over Australia.
I always get that itch to move places, If I can't move to a new city then to a different suburb or house just so I can feel that thrill and excitement of change.
Here are my top 3 travel destinations.
1. Paris - Not only is it one the fashion capitals of the world, it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I would love to get lost at The Louvre, climb the Eiffel Tower, be entertained at the Moulin Rouge and just sit at a little cafe with my wine and cheese platter and take in the beauty of Paris.
2. Barcelona - I am a huge art lover and Antoni Gaudi is one of my favorite artists. Visiting La Sagrada Familia, Museu Picasso and the Casa Batllo would be at the top of my list of things to do and see.

3.New York - Fashion, Broadway, restaurants and art. The list is endless of things I wanna do in New york. I want to live a day as Carrie Bradshaw, shop till I drop, eat till I explode. My main dream would be to live there one day.
Tell me about your most dreamed travel destinations?
All Pictures are not my own.

Friday, 3 January 2014


 2014 is HERE and now is the time to set goals, resolutions and dreams!
I have one main goal that I am determined to reach and that is to make my blog as successful as I can.
I am very new to the fashion cyber world and I would like to thank you so far for reading and following my blog and for all the love and support.
My other goal is to get healthy and fit, but I think that would be on everyone's list.

I had a very low key New Years Eve this year. 
I chucked on my Cameo dress from their Broken flowers collection (the sparkly skirt added that festive touch) and my Tony Bianco sandals (my new favorite shoes for the summer and a perfect match with my Cameo dress) and walked into the city to check out what Melbourne was doing. I was amazed at the amount of people that were pouring into the streets. This was my first NYE in Melbourne and it was OK. A little bit too much push/shove for my liking, but it is always good to try something new at least once.
In the end having thousands of people counting down from 10 around me, the explosions of the fireworks at midnight and my partner beside me for the midnight kiss it was more than a perfect way to begin 2014.
Tell me where you were and what you did for the NYE celebrations?
Also tell me what goals you have set for yourself for 2014?
Keep reading and coming back to my post's cause they are only going to get better throughout the year as I learn.