Thursday, 27 February 2014

Miss Jade Orange

Bright colours are a new found friend for me. My wardrobe a year ago mostly consisted of blacks and greys. The right colour on the right skin tone can add a huge POP to any fashionistas look.
Now that I have gone to colour I can never go back. You can make your look so fun and interesting and stand out. This skirt from Cameo the Label "Imaginarium" collection is the perfect colour, texture, cut and shape. I have also paired the "Miss Jade Orange" lipstick by Shanghai Suzy to add that extra POP to my face. This lipstick goes on smoothly and sits perfectly and to top it off it has a Grape Hubba Bubba fragrance.

Tell me your favourite stand out colour.

Tony Bianco sandals
Diva Bracelet

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Playsuit can be a girls best friend.

The Playsuit made it's debut in the 1940s as comfortable/modest sports wear. Originally it was a bra top and shorts worn whilst playing sports or banking in the sun, then when finished with your activity you would  but on a blouse to go home in. Now in 2014 it is a must needed item for any female during the spring/summer time.

As woman I am constantly in a battle with my body and what clothes match me best. If you pick the right shapes, cuts and colours a playsuit can match any body type.

Petite- avoid heavy materials! Vertical stripes or solid colours help to elongate the body and a pair of heels give that extra length to the legs.
Pear- the best design for a curvy figure is a playsuit that goes in at the waist. This complements your curves and gives a slimming effect. Make sure to keep the bottom part of the playsuit loose fitted so it can cover and keep modest your hips and upper thighs.
Tall-make sure to wear a playsuit that is long in the torso (want to avoid those camel toes).
If you have had enough with the boyish figure wear a playsuit with pleats or ruffles to make it look like you have curves.

I hope this helps. Xx

TopShop Flat forms

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Boyfriends T-shirt

Instead of opting for the boyfriend jeans I have gone for the boyfriends t-shirt. There is nothing more comfortable and casual than a plain cotton T. As of late I usually dress up and go over the top to go to  something as simple as the movies. I am trying to find a balance that I am happy with between dressy and casual. The outfit I am wearing here is my idea of the perfect balanced outfit.
The grey t-shirt is comfy and day time suitable, paired with my asymmetrical white skirt which adds the girly factor plus has interesting lines to look at and then tie it all together with tanned heels (I can never give up the heels). What do you think, is this casual enough?

Topshop ring
Roger David t-shirt

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin 

Friday, 7 February 2014


 I recently went to another warehouse sale last weekend at Sash & Co.
I found some incredible items at amazing prices. The staff there were so lovely and helpful so I definitely recommend checking them out. 

I never really wear casual clothing since I feel to plain and boring and I can never find the right outfit combo...However in these OneOneSeven pants and Three of Something top I feel comfortable and casual but also colorful and ready for what the day brings. I personally love the pattern on these pants. It is what attracted me to them in the first place, they are just so fun and vibrant. I am very hesitant to buy any kind pants or jeans since I find it very hard to find the perfect fit for my body. They always tend to be too big around the waist but too tight around my toosh. I was so happy when these fit me perfectly and comfortably.

What clothing item do you have the most trouble finding the perfect fit for?

Windsor Smith sandals
Sporstgirl rings

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin  

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

City Life

I have now been living in Melbourne for 5 months,
relocating is not an easy process but finally I feel like I have completely settled in.
I have made new friends, found my favorite coffee place, can give strangers directions and know ALL the best shopping places.

I work as a leasing consultant for one of the biggest agencies in Melbourne. This is a new career path for me and so far i am really enjoying it. I love hearing and seeing the excitement people have when I tell them that they have been approved for their new home.

I have a lot more of exploring to do and a lot more theater shows to go to.
Melbourne is now home.

My all time Favorites;
Coffee: Kere Kere, City Rd, Southbank
Food: Issus, off Flinders lane (order the soft shell tacos)
Drinks: Pony Fish Island under foot bridge, Southbank (great snack food as well)
Shoes: Santini, Flinders Lane

Finders Keepers the Label dress from their Lost League collection
Nine west boots
Lovisa bracelet
Watch bought from Ebay

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin