Friday, 4 April 2014

Capes and Leopard Print

As a child the cape symbolised the handsome prince on his white horse or the super hero coming to the rescue, now it symbolises high fashion and it can be affordable ($79.95 affordable). The cape possess an element of mystery and elegance, they have a clean and chic look to them and come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be worn out to dinner or to a play or even a casual day of shopping. Capes are going to be my staple for winter 2014.

This is my first and only leopard print, I chose to not go with your traditional animal colour but fun bright colours. The verdict is in and I am in love! It is bright, fun, easy to wear and my new favorite dress. It is perfect that it came in a skater cut. A skater dress is the best cut and fit for a female with curves and a small waist.

What are your thoughts on these items together as an outfit?
Do you have the love for capes this year?

West End Doll dress from Seagulls of St Kilda
Rosebullet cape from Seagulls of St Kilda
Arli cuff by From St Xavier from Seagulls of St Kilda
Windsor Smith Sandals from Santini
Umbrella from Oroton

Photographer: Amanda Summons

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