Friday, 28 March 2014


After watching many of the runways at VAMFF I noticed a new style of layering. 
Since the days are getting cooler it is not a conventional choice to wear a bustier, but if you wear another shirt underneath (and as it gets cooler) or a skivvy. The bustier can be warn all year round.
It adds texture, colour and  interest to any outfit.
Asymmetrical lines were also dominate on the runway. Depth and shape have now been added to clothing. No more boring straight lines! In my outfit I decided to mix both the layering and asymmetrical lines together and I am a fan. This outfit is from one of my favorite boutiques in Melbourne, M.VE Boutique. I could not of found a more perfect ensemble to explore the city in.
What styles are you loving at the moment?

 Finders Keepers Bustier from M.VE 
Incyda Skirt from M.VE
Shoes from Wittner Shoes

Saturday, 22 March 2014


What is normally warn for insulation whilst swimming during winter is now a must have in the fashion world. Neoprene is currently the popular unconventionally material that most designers are using and is being showcased in the Autumn/Winter14 runways.
It is perfect for cooler seasons since it locks in all the heat and is very interesting to the eye.

I made the mistake in wearing this skirt on a 30 degree day (don't recommend on doing it) so make sure to clean well if you sweat in it. :)

What are your thoughts with neoprene as clothing?

Shakuhachi Skirt from Shakuhachi
Cameo the Label Shirt from Fashion Bunker
Tony Bianco Heels
Calvin Klein Watch

Photographer: Jesh from J & M Photography

Friday, 14 March 2014

A Shakuhachi Rose

As the warmer days become less and the cooler days become more, I take full advantage when the sun comes out to play. My new dress from Shakuhachi is perfect for one of these rare warm days. The material is so light and moves beautifully, it drapes and falls perfectly around my body, the pattern is fresh/fun to look at and the slit in the dress adds that slight sex appeal (who doesn't like a little flash of flesh!) but it's still classy. 
The days are beginning to become shorter and the leaves are starting to fall.
I am going to miss 9PM sunsets and not having to wear a jacket in the evenings. In saying this I am looking forward to thigh high boots and layering.

Let me know what your going to miss the most about summer, Whether it is a certain outfit or activity?
Or what are you looking forward to for the winter season?


Photographer: Jesh from J & M photography

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tropical Print

The short lived summer has come to an end (bring on the complaints of being cold!!).
I am holding onto the final days of warmth and nothing better to enjoy the heat than a colourful tropical print. I have invested in yet another high waisted pant. My love affair with high waisted pants will never end, being pear shaped they are my best friend. It accentuates my curves, shows off my tiny waist, makes me seem taller and the flares even out the proportions between my thighs and calves.
The tropical print is perfect for a summers day out, it is bright and happy and in your face but in a good way. I got this whole outfit from my new second home, Seagulls of St Kilda. If you are ever in Melbourne I strongly suggest paying them a visit. The staff are super friendly and they know what looks good. It is a real VIP treatment every time I go there.

Shoes from Tony Bianco

 Photographer: Jesh - J & M Photography