Friday, 28 March 2014


After watching many of the runways at VAMFF I noticed a new style of layering. 
Since the days are getting cooler it is not a conventional choice to wear a bustier, but if you wear another shirt underneath (and as it gets cooler) or a skivvy. The bustier can be warn all year round.
It adds texture, colour and  interest to any outfit.
Asymmetrical lines were also dominate on the runway. Depth and shape have now been added to clothing. No more boring straight lines! In my outfit I decided to mix both the layering and asymmetrical lines together and I am a fan. This outfit is from one of my favorite boutiques in Melbourne, M.VE Boutique. I could not of found a more perfect ensemble to explore the city in.
What styles are you loving at the moment?

 Finders Keepers Bustier from M.VE 
Incyda Skirt from M.VE
Shoes from Wittner Shoes

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