Monday, 30 December 2013

Boxing Day Sale Madness

The 26th of December, the long awaited boxing day sales are here.
I have never been involved with Boxing day sales so this year I thought why not?
I woke up at 4am and walked into the CBD since David Jones and Myer were opening their doors at 5am. There was a huge line up out front of their doors and when 5am struck I watched the hundreds of people flood in racing to their bargains.

I went straight up the escalators to where all my favourite labels awaited.
I decided to wear something that looked fabulous but was very comfy and easy to get out of.
I wore Cameo the Label "The Embers" skirt and "Forget You" drape tank from their Broken Flowers collection.
The tank goes with pretty much anything so I was able to try it on with alot of skirts and shorts and the skirt was just very comfy and looks amazing on. Paired with my Tony Bianco sandals that can be walked around in all day I was a happy bargain hunter.

I was able to get alot of my favourite labels like Saints + Secrets, Cameo and Kookai at a steal and ended the day very happy. 

I wouldn't say I would be getting up that early again next year but it was definitely worth the experience.

Tell me about some of your Boxing Day sale bargains.


Cameo the Label Skirt
Cameo the Label Tank
Tony Bianco Sandals

 The big line up outside of Myer and David Jones

 After a huge morning of shopping a huge breakfast was much needed.  Issus restaurant in 10 Centre Place Melbourne does amazing all day breakfast and even better coffee.

 My two favourite things made into one, Chocolate and shoes. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Day

 I love Christmas for two reasons, food and family.
I spent the day with my grandparents, cousin and aunty that live here in Melbourne.
We all ate till we could eat no more then we opened our pressies from "santa", the afternoon ended with my Pa snoring on the lounge (x-mas tradition).

My partner and I then had a stroll through the city to scope out the boxing day specials that would be happening the next day. People were already camping out for the night in front of their fav shop.
That is commitment!!!

I got these beautiful Cameo shorts from the huge sale that The Bower Bird group had a couple of weeks ago. I found myself many many bargains there and these shorts are one of them. They are super comfy and as I have said previously high waisted shorts are a midgets best friend :)
I paired them with my Tony Bianco shoes (I also picked these up at a bargain warehouse sale)
The buckle around my ankle and the nude colour strap around my toes also elongate me that little bit extra.

I hope all you guys had a fabulous Christmas.


Bardot shirt
Tony Bianco sandals
Diana F Lomo camera

Monday, 23 December 2013

Brighton Beach

The theme for today's outfit was my partner had to choose everything. 
He did my hair, my outfit and he chose the location.
I was a bit scared at first but I have to admit he did a pretty good job.
We went to the well known Brighton Beach where beautiful little boat sheds lined the shore.
If your in the area it is worth it to go check it out. 

Tell me your thoughts with this outfit. Did my boyfriend do a good job?

Wittner shoes

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas party

 I just attended my work Christmas party that was held in Club 23 in the Crown Towers.
It was a beautiful night. Delicious free food, free drinks and great entertainment.
Couldn't of asked for a better night.

 There was no better time to wear my new "Slow Cruel" dress by Cameo that I got as a BARGAIN at The Bower Bird group warehouse sale. Yet another amazing warehouse sale in Melbourne. I think I choose the perfect city to move to!

 The thing that attracted me to this dress the most was how it was longer at the back. I always find it difficult staying appropriate in dresses since the material has a little bit more ground to cover but this beautiful dress was perfect. It sat well in all the right places!

The heels that I am wearing are one of the pairs that I got from the Tony Bianco sale. They go with everything. They can be day or night time heels. I love them!

Slow Cruel dress by Cameo the Label

The beautiful view of Melbourne City from Club 23.

 See Santa is real!

Thursday, 19 December 2013


On 17th of December it was my 23rd Birthday!
"It feels so scary getting old" - Lorde

The day started at the hairdressers, the feel, smell and look of new hair = amazing!
I then spent the afternoon exploring the streets and shops of Chapel St. I had almost lost all hope in finding myself a birthday gift until I saw that there was a Tony Bianco Warehouse sale in Collingwood.  (This warehouse is now permanently opened for shoppers)
I was in heaven.
Four pairs of shoes later, I was satisfied. 

It was a fairly warm day so a dress and sandals felt like a good choice.
I took out my New Lyndsay sandals by Tony Bianco for a walk and paired it with my Finders Keepers the Label dress. With a zip that goes down the front of the dress it made it easy to slip in and out of as I was trying on new outfits. 

Lyndsay sandals by Tony Bianco

From now on I am going to do regular posts every Monday and Friday.

Inside the Tony Bianco warehouse.
No birthday is complete without a cake!

 A nice little quote I saw down an alley way in Richmond.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013


 You can never go wrong with a Cameo outfit!

The high waisted quilted shorts by Cameo are a fabulous addition to a midgets wardrobe.
They make my legs look so much longer (which is what i need since i am only 157cm tall) but beware of the under bum.....these shorts like to ride up.

My "Forget you" drape tank by Cameo from their Broken Flowers collection goes with EVERYTHING.
It is so simple but can make a drab outfit look fab.
I get all my Cameo clothes from the website Fashion Bunker, you must check it out!

All photo's were taken at the beautiful Albert Park Lake.