Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Playsuit can be a girls best friend.

The Playsuit made it's debut in the 1940s as comfortable/modest sports wear. Originally it was a bra top and shorts worn whilst playing sports or banking in the sun, then when finished with your activity you would  but on a blouse to go home in. Now in 2014 it is a must needed item for any female during the spring/summer time.

As woman I am constantly in a battle with my body and what clothes match me best. If you pick the right shapes, cuts and colours a playsuit can match any body type.

Petite- avoid heavy materials! Vertical stripes or solid colours help to elongate the body and a pair of heels give that extra length to the legs.
Pear- the best design for a curvy figure is a playsuit that goes in at the waist. This complements your curves and gives a slimming effect. Make sure to keep the bottom part of the playsuit loose fitted so it can cover and keep modest your hips and upper thighs.
Tall-make sure to wear a playsuit that is long in the torso (want to avoid those camel toes).
If you have had enough with the boyish figure wear a playsuit with pleats or ruffles to make it look like you have curves.

I hope this helps. Xx

TopShop Flat forms

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin 

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