Friday, 7 February 2014


 I recently went to another warehouse sale last weekend at Sash & Co.
I found some incredible items at amazing prices. The staff there were so lovely and helpful so I definitely recommend checking them out. 

I never really wear casual clothing since I feel to plain and boring and I can never find the right outfit combo...However in these OneOneSeven pants and Three of Something top I feel comfortable and casual but also colorful and ready for what the day brings. I personally love the pattern on these pants. It is what attracted me to them in the first place, they are just so fun and vibrant. I am very hesitant to buy any kind pants or jeans since I find it very hard to find the perfect fit for my body. They always tend to be too big around the waist but too tight around my toosh. I was so happy when these fit me perfectly and comfortably.

What clothing item do you have the most trouble finding the perfect fit for?

Windsor Smith sandals
Sporstgirl rings

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin  

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