Wednesday, 5 February 2014

City Life

I have now been living in Melbourne for 5 months,
relocating is not an easy process but finally I feel like I have completely settled in.
I have made new friends, found my favorite coffee place, can give strangers directions and know ALL the best shopping places.

I work as a leasing consultant for one of the biggest agencies in Melbourne. This is a new career path for me and so far i am really enjoying it. I love hearing and seeing the excitement people have when I tell them that they have been approved for their new home.

I have a lot more of exploring to do and a lot more theater shows to go to.
Melbourne is now home.

My all time Favorites;
Coffee: Kere Kere, City Rd, Southbank
Food: Issus, off Flinders lane (order the soft shell tacos)
Drinks: Pony Fish Island under foot bridge, Southbank (great snack food as well)
Shoes: Santini, Flinders Lane

Finders Keepers the Label dress from their Lost League collection
Nine west boots
Lovisa bracelet
Watch bought from Ebay

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin 

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