Friday, 31 January 2014


 I always love and enjoy the little things in life and Sunflowers are one of them. Imagine my excitement when I discovered this Sunflower field in North Melbourne. It is the most random beauty that I have found within a city. I instantly knew that this was going to be my next location for a photo shoot. 

I recently purchased yet another Cameo item from their Paintbox collection, The Chilli Tank. I paired it with a beautiful 1950s styled skirt I got from Topshop. I love mixing the tough casual with a soft and girly, I find it to be a very complimentary clash (if that makes sense). I am also loving how the 1950s is starting to have a come back. The awesome "swing" skirts they used to party in have been a "must have" since I watched Grease as a kid.

What is you favorite era in fashion?
What are your thoughts with mixing tough with soft?

Cameo the Label "Chilli Tank" top from the Paintbox collection
Topshop Skirt
Tony Bianco Heels
Sportsgirl necklace & rings

Desmond Deng

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