Monday, 20 January 2014

White Shadows

I briefly showed this dress in my previous post A week in the life of a Melbournian Fashionista
but it is too beautiful for it to be only shown once.

When the editorial for White Shadows by Cameo came out I instantly knew I had to own this dress.
I love the sheer over lay which gives it that soft, romantic and elegant touch and the smoke pattern underneath gives it that little mysterious edge to it. It is a very stand out in the crowd dress, every time that I have worn I have gotten copious amounts of compliments. (Thank you Cameo for being AMAZING).

This dress is best for a warm summers day or night, as long as your somewhere where a lot of people are to appreciate the beauty of this dress is the best place to wear it. It is very comfortable to wear, and not too many accessories are needed. If you can find this dress anywhere online I suggest buy it right there on the spot!

Can be found here/here and here

Let It Go dress by Cameo the Label
Lovisa Head piece
Tony Bianco flat form sandals

Photographer: Mikel Magdadaro


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