Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Boyfriends T-shirt

Instead of opting for the boyfriend jeans I have gone for the boyfriends t-shirt. There is nothing more comfortable and casual than a plain cotton T. As of late I usually dress up and go over the top to go to  something as simple as the movies. I am trying to find a balance that I am happy with between dressy and casual. The outfit I am wearing here is my idea of the perfect balanced outfit.
The grey t-shirt is comfy and day time suitable, paired with my asymmetrical white skirt which adds the girly factor plus has interesting lines to look at and then tie it all together with tanned heels (I can never give up the heels). What do you think, is this casual enough?

Topshop ring
Roger David t-shirt

Photographer: Tristen Fremlin www.tristenf.portfoliobox.me 

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